Which Tinted Moisturizer Should You Use?

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When you want to look fresh and polished but do not want to hassle with putting on heavy makeup, then using the best tinted moisturizer is your most attractive choice. Sometimes, makeup can cause more breakouts than they cover, and the as the problem perpetuates you might find that going with a skin-friendly tinted moisturizer is a much better option. Some tinted moisturizers offer more coverage than others, so finding one that suits for appearance needs is a customizable affair.

Balmshelter by The Balm

Apply this weightless formula on your freshly cleaned face and watch as your bare skin looks polished and silky smooth. Appropriate for all skin types and available in three shades, Balmshelter can make anyone look “done.” With SPF 18, you will stay protected from harmful sun rays and stay looking fabulous long after you wash it off. What’s more, it actually improves your skin tone and texture over time by offering moisture to your complexion.

CoverGirl Smoothers
If evening out your skin tone over time is something you are interested in, then you will probably want to know about this lightweight tinted moisturizer that goes on sheer for minimal coverage and provides the wearer with a smooth, finished looked. The SPF 15 comes in handy too, as you gain long term protection from harmful UVA and UVB sun rays. Even out your skin tone and texture while rehydrating your skin with a cocktail of effective moisturizing vitamins. Enjoy and smooth and fresh complexion with slight coverage when you go with CoverGirl Smoothers in one of three available gel shades.

Dr. Dennis Gross MD Skincare

Take a more clinical approach to your tinted moisturizer with MD Skincare all-in-one moisturizing formula with SPF 15 for a broad spectrum of harmful UVA and UVB sun rays. You won’t have to sacrifice quality or choices either; MD Skincare Tinted Moisturizer comes in 5 different shades, each of which offer superior protection against blemishes and the free radicals that cause complexion issues. Hydrate your skin with infusing moisturizers and watch as you reverse the aging process over time while proving yourself with an airbrushed finished with its light to medium coverage capabilities. Indeed, MD Skincare offers among the very best tinted moisturizer on the market, especially for those who live in sunny areas.

The Supernatural Primer
Get all the SPF 15 protection you need with this pore-disguising, flawless-finish primer. Apply it liberally right before you go out in the sun or whenever you want to look awesome; it can be used as primer or as a standalone foundation. Among the best tinted moisturizers, The Supernatural offers a product that is truly a staple in every fashionista handbag.
Organic Wear
Made with sunflower seed, avocado, and jojoba seed oils, this shea butter-rich physicians’ formula is of 100% natural origin and offers UVA and UVB protection as well. Enjoy natural coverage and fresh, clean ingredients to make you look and feel wonderful inside and out.

Choosing the best tinted moisturizer doesn’t have to be a chore. Know what your choices are. Your life, and your complexion, are waiting!

Photo Credit : Maria Morri

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