How Success Is Your Diet?

Posted by Rosalinda Sanders on August 4, 2014 in Tips of The Day | 0 comments

Achievement always comes with perseverance. There are several ways to loose weight, some are expensive some are cheap. But of course there is also a painless and effective ways to maintain your body. Not just for a particular occasions but also for a long run.

Consider this routine and you’ll see the results in weeks. This is an experience of a busy mom like me.

Balance foods and proper eating time make sense. I am always alert on checking my calorie intake, it should be fewer than I burn. Combine soy products and lean protein foods to keep me full longer. This will prevent from starving every now and then to grab on small snacks. Avoid fast foods and street foods, instead I prepare my own foods at home to check the right amount of calories I consumed every day. I don’t skip breakfast, and no midnight snacks at all.

Fitness and exercise. Balance foods can be great, but exercise is always an essentials for building a healthy body. Exercise regularly to burn fats and strengthen your muscles. Thus, exercise helps in the blood circulation and metabolism. If you’re a busy mom like me, an hour of walking at the. At work, instead of elevators I use stairs going up or going down. I used to walk or bicycle when I send my kid to school. This exercise helps me loose at least 10 pounds a week.

Proper sleeping habit. I tried to sleep at least eight hours a day. Having an eight hours sleep helps me clear my mind and body to blast off for the next day. And for me, the longer I sleep the smaller I get chance to eat snacks.

Hydrate. Several studies say to consume at least eight ounce glasses of water a day. To me, I just don’t drink eight ounce glasses a day, but I double my liquid consumption. Soups every after meal, fruit and vegetables smoothies, or fruits mix juice for snacks helps me double my liquid consumptions.

You cannot achieve your diet goal if you don’t discipline yourself. Be persistent in your goals and the results are fulfilling. Work it out now before it’s too late.

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